Mission of the Conference

Perfection of medical care for patients with bone injuries and pathology fractures against the background of osteoporosis, aseptic necrosis, delayed fracture consolidation and the risk of metal construction instability. Within the framework of the Conference the role of pharmacotherapy in combination with surgical treatment for orthopaedic pathology will be discussed.


Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

Association of Traumatologists and Orthopedists of Russia

Priorov Central Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics (FSBI CITO n.a. N.N. Priorov)

Clinical Research Center of Osteoporosis FSBI CITO n.a. N.N. Priorov

Russian Association of Spinal Surgeons

Medical Society of Osteonecrosis

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Diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation of patients with systemic osteoporosis

Choice of effective pharmacotherapy

Prevention of recurrent fractures in systemic osteoporosis

Surgical treatment of patients with systemic osteoporosis

Methods for pain syndrome arrest in patients with osteoporosis

Use of orthoses in patients with systemic osteoporosis and aseptic necrosis

Scoliosis and osteoporosis

Complications after osteoporosis therapy

Hip and knee aseptic necrosis

Role of MRT in diagnosis of aseptic necrosis

Conservative and surgical treatment for aseptic necrosis

Delayed consolidation and the influence of pharmaceutical drug on this process

Methods to influence the process of bone tissue reparative regeneration

Bone plastic materials, evolution of the development and risks of application

Articular cartilage pathology and osteoporosis.

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Participation in the Conference is open to any traumatologist or orthopedist

Registration is required

The Registration Fee gives you the opportunity to attend all events in the Conference program and to obtain the «Conference bag»

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Presentation & Abstracts

Any traumatologist or orthopedist is eligible for abstract submission

Abstracts can be submitted for oral presentation

Speakers are exempted from Registration Fee


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Moscow, Lesnaya st. 15